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Where Awakening to New Solutions 

I can help you Awaken Your Best State, Relate Well,  and Thrive across the journey that is life

Dr. Palmer


Dr. Scott Palmer

I have spent over 35 years helping people to transform their lives (as a licensed psychologist for 25 years and over 15 years supervising local mental health programs).  My formal training includes both a PhD in clinical psychology and a PhD in Human Services.  My holistic approach draws from somatic experiencing, mindfulness-based cognitive approaches, and solution-focused therapy. We will work together to determine the best approach tailored for you and your specific needs.  I am a past member of the Board of Directors for Somatic Experiencing International.  I also have an animal-assisted therapy dog, Dogtor Sveglia (pictured below), who assists me in sessions.

I understand that choosing a therapist can be a challenging and overwhelming process. I hope my website can help you determine whether I would be a good match for you. If you have any questions that might aid in your decision making, please

contact me any time.


The quality of our lives is a reflection of our state (physiology, mood, focus, and self-talk). I can assist you to access your best states


Our life's journey is a reflection of how we relate to people, parts of ourselves, opportunities, and challenges. I can help you relate with playful curiosity, love, and acceptance.


The results of our life are based on what we do.  Thriving is when we do our best.  We all have a gap between what we know will help us to thrive and what we actually do. I can help you find solutions to narrow this gap. 

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