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Your privacy is important.

Before, scheduling an appointment, I would like to have a short phone call with you. I will ask you what you are looking for in therapy to make sure that I am a good fit as a therapist and that I have the experience and expertise in the areas you want assistance. I also want you to have an opportunity to ask me questions that can help you determine if I would be able to help you. You can reach me at 530-518-2926.


You can also reach me with the message function below. Please be aware that the message below will be sent to my email which does not have extra privacy and security features for mental health information (existing clients can use my electronic health record portal to send me confidential health information).   Because the message function below uses ordinary email,  it is not advisable to leave confidential health or mental health information. The message function below is best used for information to provide me with a way of contacting you or to ask questions about my approach or experience.   

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

 Lake Oswego, OR, 97035 Tel: 530-518-2926/Fax 530-592-0506
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